5 Things You Need to Know

iHeartRadio's 5 Things You Need To Know

WATCH: Lil Jon at a Dinner Party, Jared Leto 'Hey Girl' + more!

5. Lil Jon could make an awesome song hook or catchphrase out of anything...so when he dropped by, he made hooks out of things you'd hear at a dinner party. "Pass the salt" sounds WAY cooler when he yells it - just sayin'.


4. You've seen the #ALSIceBucketChallenge all over your Facebook news feed...and now it's time to see the ones that were FAILS.

3. Let's be real - the ladies love Jared Leto. So when the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman rolled through, we couldn't help but ask him to deliver some rockstar-style 'Hey Girls'... cue the swooning.

2. Everybody's done the "I got your nose!" trick before - but this kid can't seem to decide whether he hates it, or loves it!

1. T-Swift just dropped a brand new single and music video for "Shake It Off" on Monday, and we can't get enough of it - gotta love how Taylor Swift says hi to the haters and dances likes nobody's watching! 


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