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REVIEW: Frankenweenie

REVIEW: Frankenweenie

Young Victor (Charlie Tahan) and his dog Sparky are living creative, yet unpopular live. With no real friends, they've decided to live the journey of a boy and his dog. That is until one fateful day when good natured Sparky crosses into the path of a car and cuts their journey short.

Saddened and filled for longing for his missing friend, Victor comes across a new scientific theory that states electricity can make dead things come back to life. Determined to change fate, Victor creates life from lightening and love and brings Sparky back from the dead. His only problem now is keeping the secret of life after death to himself before its used with evil intentions.

The artistic nature of this Film makes it hard to judge against other family films or Halloween favorites. All I can say is that children and fans giggled with the jokes, got frightened by the creatures and cheered for young Victor and his dog Sparky.

Voice Cast: Charlie Tahan, Catherine O'Hara, Martin short, Winona Ryder

Grade: B

Rating: PG

Movie Trailer - Frankenweenie

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